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Four Season Tools

Growing Solutions

Four Season Tools is a design and fabrication firm dedicated to innovating and producing season extension structures and plant production systems to grow a regenerative, resilient, and equitable food system.

Control Your Growing Environment

We design and deliver high-quality season extension structures and solutions to reduce environmental risks, grow your success, and create regenerative, resilient, and profitable plant production systems.

Our Services

Structure Design & Delivery

  • Fixed Tunnels for Inground Growing
  • Movable Tunnels for Inground Growing
  • Propagation Houses
  • Gutter Connected Buildings and Larger Growing Facilities
  • Structures for Rooftops, Research, Turfgrass, Animals, Apiaries, Storage, and Shade

Production Solutions

  • Benches, Tables, Shelving, and Storage
  • Trollies, Dollies, and Material Handling Systems and Devices
  • Tools, Implements, Parts, and Fittings
  • Production and Business System Design,  Consultation, and Education
  • Exclusive Catalog for Tunnel Customers

Innovation & Education

Do you have an idea you need to turn into reality or help to convey? We are inventors and educators who love to solve big problems with simple solutions.

Season Extension
Ag Lab &
Innovation Studio

We are craftsmen, innovators, and practitioners.

City Bitty Farm serves as a living lab for Four Season Tools’ Innovation Studio.

Four Season Tools and City Bitty Farm have been growing year-round in Kansas City, Missouri since 2010.

Growing microgreens year-round, and other crops indoors and out, gives our staff first-hand experience of the issues our clients face and how to use our tools to solve them. 

We invent solutions to your problems, because we have experienced them. We too, are farmers and food marketers. We learn from farming, our co-workers, and farm customers just like we learn from our structure customers. It helps make us all better growers and designers so we can better help you. 

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Moving a V-Track Tunnel

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