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Four Season tools

Four Season Tools offers sustainable agriculture solutions.

We specialize in designing season extension structures, and scale-appropriate systems developed and practiced at City Bitty Farm in Kansas City, MO. 

At Four Season Tools, we build better farms to localize our food system, feed our communities with small-scale farmers, and create a more sustainable future with efficient systems, innovative solutions, and season extension structures.

Why We Do It

Farming and running a small business are both difficult by themselves. Why do we chose to do both? We do this for the opportunity to share our talents and commune with you. The food on our tables that we grow for the people we love and care for is what brings us all together. Together, we can to build a better future for our planet, farms, communities, and families. When we do it together, we are better stewards of them all. 

We want to make sure the food you grow does everything it can to grow your health, prosperity, and connection to where you are from. The table is where we come together as a community. Our farms and homes are where we are from. Everything we do on our farm and with our business helps get our customers’ homes closer to our farms. What the future will hold, we are designing together.

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Our Design Team

Greg Garbos - Headshot

Greg Garbos has spent his career pursuing skill-based service – using his unique talents and skills to make a difference in the world.     

Greg received his bachelor’s and masters engineering degrees from Duke University in under four years. There he spent much of his free time leading excursions into the wilderness to share his passion for the environment with others.  

Greg worked for Sustainable Mobility Technologies, an advanced engineering team within Ford Motor Company during his corporate years. At Ford, he was selected for a rotational leadership development program and worked in various business disciplines, including engineering, manufacturing, managing, and implementing hydrogen fuel cell, hybrid technology, and biofuel programs.      

Greg’s interest in triple-bottom-line companies continued as he became the Controller for a technical sales company in the energy sector. There he handled the operations of the company and led the design and implementation of propriety data management systems. 

His passion for energy conservation and renewable energy led Greg to become a LEED Accredited Professional with the U.S. Green Building Council and a Certified Green Professional with the National Association of Home Builders. Using this knowledge he performed building energy audits then facilitated energy improvements and the installation of renewable energy solutions. 

For the last 12+ years, Greg has brought the expertise afforded by the automotive and energy industries to global agriculture and local food systems by designing  agriculture and controlled environment solutions with his company Four Season Tools.

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Jen Garbos

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Interested in Helping?

As an ag lab, innovation studio, and teaching farm, we are always looking for new talent and eager learners wanting to contribute to the future of food.

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