Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 threat we are taking every step to continue to meet your sustainable farming needs, while following federal guidance for protecting the health of our communities. 

To minimize the risk to our staff, our partners, and our customers, Four Season Tools is operating with a limited number of essential employees involved in the manufacturing, packing, and shipping process. We are still fully operational, and standing by to take your call or order. However processing and shipping times may be extended due to supply chain disruptions.

We have two main types of clients.

We serve lots of professional farmers with experience who know the value of a good tool. They are usually looking to produce over $50,000 a year and can see the value of investing $10,000 or more in a quality structure and improvements to do so.

We also service lots of educational institutions, from FFA and 4-H programs to state of the art land-grant and research institutions who teach farmers or need controlled environments for agriculture and climate change demonstrations and research.

In addition to both types of customers, we are particularly known for the quality, innovation, mobility and durability of our tunnels, parts, and equipment. We have extensive experience in extreme environments.

$10,000 can build a high quality stand-alone structure that requires design with lots of bells and whistles to help you grow quality plants of food efficiently. You can buy tunnels without design for less. However, every farm is different and so will be the results. We have found it is better to let people know what they are getting into up-front and have happy customers, rather than customers with unexpected expenses and tunnels and tools that don’t meet their needs.

For larger gutter-connect structures, large-scale indoor growing operations and research facilities, it is not uncommon for customers to spend $50-100,000 or more including interior fittings.

We only sell parts and accessories to tunnel customers. Design-build controlled environment structures is our core business. We are not a retail parts store and want to stay focused on maintaining product quality, exemplary service, and on-going customer satisfaction. If you want to see the high-quality products we use, you can view our exclusive catalog here. Only existing customers can order ala carte. 

If you have read the FAQs above and think we might be a good fit for you, send us an email, and set up a time to have an introductory call. Once we know what you are looking for, we will give you comparable references. You can also check out our Gallery.

From inquiry to deliver, it can take 90 days or more to receive your first customized tunnel. The time it takes is determined by your input and how much onsite consultation and custom fabrication you require. When you hire Four Season Tools you are not buying a mass produced solution from a box. We custom design and configure solutions for your specific site. We want to ensure our products will meet our clients’ and their farms’ needs before they are delivered.