City Bitty Farm

A Regenerative and Resilient Year-Round Food Production System

Celebrating 12 Years of Growth and Success

Proudly focused on “all things small,” City Bitty Farm grows microgreens, edible flowers, herbs,. and specialty produce year-round for area restaurants, kitchens, and culinary institutions. City Bitty Farm nurtures a variety of fruit trees, bushes, and vegetable crops outside of the greenhouse and is constantly growing and innovating with their approach to year-round farming. 

City Bitty Farm is a proving ground and Innovation Lab for Four Season Tools. Currently, the farm features a fixed greenhouse with rainwater capture and irrigation, automatic venting, movable benches, and a benchtop radiant heating system. Like any good farm, we are continually growing and regenerating. We love to share our learning and approach, so we look forward to seeing you on the farm!

Our Mission

Grow Healthy Food to Keep people healthy

Our Vision

Healthy, Regenerative, Resilient, and Equitable People, Places, and farms

Kansas City's Premier Specialty Greens Farm

for Over a Decade

Wash and Pack

Grown in Real Dirt
With Sunlight
For Extreme Quality

Extreme Quality - Incredible Shelf Life


Size 1 - Seed Leaves

True leaf Greens

Size 2 - Seed Leaves and True Leaves


Size 3 - Substantial True Leaves

Micro Herbs

Intense Flavor - Intense Quality

Amazing Things Chefs Create with our food

serving the Best Chefs in the Midwest

Fine Dining
& Farm-to-Table

Garnish - Flavor - Hyper Nutrition

via Fed-Ex

CBF Drop-Ships Greens via Fed-Ex

& Markets

CBF Sells Greens & Herbs in Clamshells

Delivering Quality from Farm to Table

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