Our Services

Structure Services

We design and deliver:

  • Fixed and Movable Tunnels for Inground Growing
  • Propagation Houses, Chambers and Rooms.
  • Gutter Connected Buildings and Larger Growing Facilities
  • Structures for Rooftops, Research, Turfgrass, Animals, Apiaries, Storage, and Shade 

Mechanical and Production Systems and Solutions

We design and deliver mechanical solutions for: 

  • Material Handling
  • Shelving and Storage
  • Watering and Care
  • Rotational Grazing

We design systems our clients implement and deliver mechanical solutions for:

  • Work and Material Flow
  • Material Handling and Staging
  • Task and Time Management
  • Waste and Risk Management

Innovation and Education

We are innovators. We have seen a lot, but we know there is always more to learn and discover. That only happens when we collaborate with and learn from each other. We only grow when we do it together. Let’s grow the future our children and planet deserve.

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